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Audio/aerial Problems


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Finding these forums was a great find.

Three days ago I decided to finally update the head unit and the electric aerial to get some reasonable tunes. After a considerable amount of swearing I'm happy to say they are both in. However doing this uncovered other issues.

(Apologies if these have been asked before...I couldn't find...)

1. I need to replace the coax from the head unit to the aerial (located at rear next to trunk), I can pick this up cheaply but is this easy to replace?

2. The electric aerial is connected via a relay box, has anyone had exposure to these? I can hear a click yet the aerial doesn't move.

3. The previous head unit occasionally turned off on cold mornings and sometimes when going over a bump. I have already experienced this once with the new unit. I have relocated the GRD (-ve) straight to the chassis too. Can someone suggest another point to connect accessaries to, say the cigarete lighter?

Finally 4. I need to replace every speaker. Can I fit Speakers bigger than 6" under the rear parcel shelf? If so, how big and is it easy to remove the shelf? I believe the front Speakers (located under dash) are 4", is this correct and are there any tricks to replacing these too?

I'm sorry if I've exceeded my question quota.


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Looks like I stumbled on a sticky one?

If it helps I've found the solution to 1, 2 & part of 4

1. The coax that runs to the rear from the dash actually runs up and through the roof on the passenger side. I simply disconected both ends and ran the new one though the conjute underneath the passenger side doors and underneath the plastic moulding next to the back seat. Tried to pull the original one though but found impossible to do so.

2. The older electric aerials required an external relay box and funnily enough the wiring on the genuine ones is different to that of new ones. New ones also have internal relays.

4 Front speakers: front passenger side: undo 4 or 5 screws of the under-dash and you find a 4" speaker (no grill) fastened by 2 screws. Shouldn't be too hard to replace, yet the speaker has wings - most Speakers don't. Should be the same deal for the driver's side.

I will post anything else I find out.

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