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Mr2 Based Kit Car


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im sorry - the gaylambo isnt a lambo in my opinion - theve stoped doing outragous supercars & started making everyday supercars - so to speak

i mean Lambo's trade mark were the doors & the new one doesnt even have them!


Oi, behave yerself !

The Gallardo IS a lamborghini.........the Miura didn't have scissor doors and without that there'd be no Countach or Diablo.......

The Gallardo was designed to go head to head in the market with Porsche in the 100k price bracket.....450 bhp V10 and 4wd would ***** all over any car you would care to name in the same bracket...

Don't forget, when the Diablo was around that was all they made at the time, now there is a choice of 2 current models in production Gallardo and the mighty Murcielago.......which has all the lambo traits......ie mountains of power, crap rear visibility and the beloved scissor doors......

It just seems that nowadays even supercar manufacturers must do a model for different areas if the market....

The Gallardo IS a supercar. :thumbsup:

You mean to tell me that you wouldn't have one !

End of rant :ph34r:

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Yeah, it's made in England...... but we don't all speak or dress like Jeremy Clarkson... or that shortubik.

The cars they have are great, the shows rubbish, those three k :censor: obends contradict themselves at every turn!Last night for example JC-'OOh this Noble is lick lick, slap, slap'. A few weeks ago it was a rubbish plastic car with Ford Mondeo bits etc

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And when he was driving the new Merc/mclaren thing.

One minute he said "It's being aimed at fat cats because they boast that you can fit two bags of golf clubs in the boot"

Then the next minute he complained because the suspension was too hard and the brakes too sharp!

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