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Cai In Corolla E12


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I am an owner of Corolla E12. I've already dobe some little styling modifications to my car ( TTE :) ), but I haven't changed anything to gain some extra power from the engine :)

1.6 is bull****. Recentlly I've noticed, that it is , very, very slow.

As a start I've decided to fix a Cool Air Intake.

But I have some doubts is it really gonna give me any extra horses ?!

The question: Is there anyone here, who has a car like me and has installed a CAI to his car ?! I would like to know is it worth installing and maybe what product would you recommend for my baby B) ?!

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Ofcourse theres a CAI for our car, the problem with you guys in this FORUM is that you guys dont phuckin research about the aftermarket parts...

theres a CAI that INJEN makes for the Matrix XRS that fits 95% to our car... the other 5% you just have to make some custom adjustments and that's it, I installed mine, and I've got pictures while installing it...

my e-mail is pro_cariota@hotmail.com

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