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Mr2 Didn't Like The Wet This Morning!


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My car was left out all night last night in the rain. Was raining when I got in it. Put the key in, started fine.

Got about a mile up the road, rain pouring down, got to a junction and it cut out! Started again a bit reluctantly, pulled away from the junction and it was running crap. Put your foot down and it just died!

So I pull over, and it's dead, won't even fire. Luckilly some bloke has some WD40 at his house, spray that on all the HT lead connections and it starts fine straight away!!

!Removed! rain, think I'll keep it in my garage overnight from now on! :ffs:

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I have had the same problem with my mk1 it does not like the rain and starts reluctantly, and drives crap so I pull over and give about 5 to 10 mins to warm up and it goes ok , never thought about trying the leads, will give it a go .

But if you know my cars history and what has went wrong (wrote a long sob story a while ago if some of you remember) it will be something a bit more serious. :o

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Yea mine seems to have developed a bit of a flat spot after the leads got wet. It accelerates fine until full boost where you get a big surge of power but then it stays the same until after 5000rpm where it picks right up again. Weird. Leads are about £70 from Fensport, will get some sorted.

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