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alright i u didnt know i drive a starlet sr with a 4e-fe engine, right now the car isnt driveable becasue the diff in the gearbox is away, :crybaby:

rather than rebuild it im just gona buy a recon gearbox.

now at some point within the next three to four months im gona do an engine transplant to hopefuly a 5e-fhe.

i want to kill two birds with one stone, id like to know which toyota gearbox with the SHORTEST ratios would mate to both these engines, therefor saving the hastle of me buyin a gearbox now and then havin to look for the right low ratio gearbox when i do the conversion.

if anyone can help me out with some detailed advice i would much apreceat it as this situation has been doin my head in no fo a little while :wacko:

before u ask in usin the 5e-fhe instead of the turbo becasue of insurance reasons. :thumbsup:

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Not sure if I've got all these engines sorted in my head yet! :wacko:

Right, so you've got the 1.3 4EFTE minus the T, with a 1.5 5EFHE (110bhp) head from a Sera/Cynos?

What sort of gain is that in terms of not running the turbo? I think Andrew said that the best gearbox was the 4EFTE one when dealing with all these engines. :thumbsup:

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A have a 4e-fe and in a few months im goin to swap that for a 5e-fhe, with loom ecu gearbox ect :huh:

goin from 75bhp to 108bhp is a 33bhp increase, enough to keep me happy, :rolleyes:

what i wanted to know is which gearbox WITH THE SHORTEST RATIOS will mate to both these engines? :help:

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If I remember right, only the final gear is shorter in a 4efte, but that is what I'd go with. Just remember to use the 4efte flywheel and clutch as well.

May find there is a flywheel bolting problem with the 5E crank.

I would suggest using the 5E-FHE clutch, flywheel and gearbox as a complete assembly.

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If I remember right, only the final gear is shorter in a 4efte

compared to what box

what will a gt turbo hit sixty in second gear?

yes, although I think it's in the high 6k's.... the 4efte will go to 7,200 if I remember rightly, don't know what the non turbo block revs to...

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