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i completely agree, i couldnt get a clear large trd logotype to use, the graphics will probably not stay to be honest, i'm a designer specialising in typography, so im even more picky! =] performance mods should be induction kit, superchip, powerboost valve then finally nos with controller, only about half way there on that, hopefully will be about 250bhp (with nos). i'll try and keep everyone posted on the progress if ya all interested?!

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nah, on the right car neons = cool.

no two ways around it, done properly ... used in the right place they look cool.

Personally I wouldn't have neons on any car but then it's not my car!

no no and no :P :P :P :P if i see someone with neons, I can't help but think they're a d :censor: k. Perhaps I'm too judgemental, but stereotyping saves time :lol:

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