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Harmonic Balancer


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Hi Everyone,

I have an old Corolla 91 with an FE engine (canada) 4 door sedan, 4-inline cylinders 1.8 litre engine with automatic transmission. front wheel drive. I have gone through the discussions and seen that i might be a bit out of place here. However, here is my story. please help me out if you can.

Recently, the idle pulley on the timing belt loop jammed and ripped the timing belt. After few consultations i found out that there is fair chance that the valves and everything else is intact and therefore i took up this repair job in my own hands. I managed to uninstall the engine mount, timing belt covers, Harmonic balancer and all that was needed.

The removal of harmonic balancer was the most trickiest as the balancer keeps on rotating when one tries to uncrew the bolt holding it. The haynes manual calls for removal of transaxle to hold one of the gears locked and then undo the bolt. The kind of apparatus and tools i have do not support such a massive overhaul. Therefore I wedged a 'johnsons bar' with car body and cranked the starter, the bolt holding the balancer was removed without any problems or damage.


Once i replace the timing belt with all the nessacary precautions i have to bolt the balancer back and as compared to last time the starter torque is against me this time.


How do i get this bolt back on and with the right torque? Is there a simple way to do this without further massive dissassembly. Please come back to me with your suggestions and comments asap.

Regards to all


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