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Paseo Brochure On E-bay


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sorry mate - should have posted about that b4..


Thats fine... :crybaby::lol:

I like the line:

Although the Paseo is a genuine coupe there's room inside for four.

Anyone who's got one or who's been in the back will know how funny that is! :lol:

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At least with the convertable you can put the roof down!!! :P :lol:

I just don't take passengers when I can help it! Only had four up about three times since I've had it, I just do the old "We'll have to take yours coz we won't fit in mine will we..." :D :lol:

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hmmm, the naked part came later - didnt have enough room..... :(

was very hard to drive with those 2 ummm......(well im sure you can imagine what was going on in the back.) they thurally(?sp) enjoyed the sub kicking out 900 watts RMS - only trouble was i couldnt hear what was going on :crybaby:

anyways, back on topic :lol: :P


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