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Dyno..rolling Road

pizza boy

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Is there a difference between 'Dyno' centres and 'Rolling Road' centres or is it both the same thing.

It looks like a daft question but im asking because why is it some places cant quote torque figures only bhp. And ive also read that a 'Dyno' doesnt punish your car as much as a RR.

Can anyone enlighten me on this?

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a dyno and a RR are the same in most places .. and they only measure torque. BHP is then calculated from this. Some places have data loggin for revs/boost/torque/bhp/air,fuel rations etc .. and some have the older ones just for BHP.

But there are 3 types of dyno ..

A rolling road - where you drive on and drive off.

a wheel dyno - take the wheels off and bold to hubs to two boxes.

an engine dyno - take the engine out and measure the power at the flywheel.

The first give a "real world" power rating as it take into concideration the g'box, drive shafts and most important tires. - all these sap power. To guess the higher flywheel figure people make while guesses .. it's usually between 10-15% for MR2's and about 20-25% for 4wd cars (and varies from car to car - tyres being the bigest loss).

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The other loss would be the engine temp because at my local RR they couldnt face my car backwards so the engine faced the fan. This further decreases the overall readout. Just one more reason as to why its a !Removed! to have the engine in the back heh

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i'm really pee'd off that my local place won't put my car on the rolllers, they are audi/porsche specialist, i had my old audi custom mapped by them, and they are regarded as the best audi custom mapper, bit like owens, or milway, they have roll around fans etc that would be perfect for the mr2,fan at each side vent but they just won't do it.. AMD if your interested (have a porsche or audi derivitive engine).. they are a serious no bull place took my audi in (full service history etc) and they said "its a bad one, we'll do our best" and n/a managed 16 bhp and 14 lbs more torque) appoligised said they aim 20 bhp gain, i can have money back if i want keep the chip, i was pleased as i took it out after 5 hours on rolling road and it seemed like a new car only £245 as well, i just wish some one could custom map my 2 for that price, seems like £400 dastek or £200 supercip rubbish.

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