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Garage Needed In Northants


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I know its a long shot as its late, but does anyone know where I can get my car towed to so my immobiliser can be repaired. (Northampton prefered)

I now have a non drivable car and so I missed my work xmas do :(

But glad the immob. went wrong at my house and not 20 miles away in the early hours as it could have done later.

Will call out breakdown to tow it tomorrow mid morn, any help before then will be grateful. Breakdown couldn't help tonight when they looked at car. :angry:

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Hi Nicola,

An old colleague of mine who has over 15 years Toyota experience has set up his own business in Northampton called Blue Streak Automotive specialising in Toyotas up near Sixfields. I know he's quite busy at the moment but might be worth a call. He was my workshop foreman when I was Aftersales manager at Chevin Toyota in Northampton.

Call Richard on 07711 486447

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Problem now sorted :ph34r:

A little bit of daylight, some sleep (not enough) and tracing of a couple of wires enables one to find the actual alarm/imobolizer box. The box has a reset switch, push reset switch and alarm/imob resets.

That simple B)

PS: Wait till the RAC mechanic gets his next contact with his supervisor... :boxing:

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Thanks for your contact too.

I hope my problem was an isolated incident.

and from what Garrick said earlier, we had to deal with a very rude man from the RAC on Friday night (which I also hope was a one off).

I know exactly where my reset switch is now anyway :)

p.s. no dodgy brands allowed in this thread ;)

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"Dodgy Brands" :lol:

Well I spend 4 and a half years selling the damn things in Northampton/ Bedford and MIlton Keynes and done well out of it for a while. It was great for my CV though....if I could sell a dodgy old 80's Astra with facelift I could sell anything :P

In respect to RAC and AA again back in the trade we used to get into fights with those guys beacuse they always seemed to have a cob on if they had to try and fix something. All they would rather do is hook up and tow you to a garage...they dont get so wet and cold that way... I had a breakdown towed all the way from Heathrow to Northampton which turned out to be a duff HT lead! :ffs: And I was the mug who sold the car and the one who got the slaggin from the customer..

Sorry to any members who may work for RAC or AA....but thats the impression we used to get.

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