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Starlet Wheel Sizes Allowed?


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Hello everyone,

While browsing the web, I noticed that some people put quite big size wheels on their starlets.

i know that most of the starlets (i think they are named p8/ep81) come with 165/70/13.

I ran into this site, i don't know russian, but i can understand that it talks about p7/p8 models and specifies the available wheel sizes:


what models come or allowed to use 195/45/15?

i checked autodata (twice... :unsure: ), and the biggest size there is 165/70/13.

i don't know how prove that it is ok to put this size on a starlet, in order to register the size and have no problems.

Thank you all.

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Recommended fitments, Year - 90 to 99 (don't know what year yours is)

14" 1856014

15" 1955015

16" 1954516

17" 2054017.

I'm sure your 195/45x15's will be fine... but to be sure we would need more info on your car... year, is it lowered etc etc.

Someone will correct me if I'm wrong... but info came from....


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thx for the reply.

its 91, not lowered.

how reliable is the info that is in the site you posted?

the size 165/70/13 dosent even exist there.

from what i understand, sizes bigger than 165/70/13 refer to the gt model, is it ok and legal to install gt size on a regular and standart starlet (1.3)?

further more, is there a "respectful" surce, such as a manual or something, like autodata that showes that these sizes are legal?

thx again

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If you are in the UK.. then as long as you have the same size tyres across each axle and they don't protrude wider than the wheel arch.. then it is legal, the front and rears can be different sizes if you wish.

As for the site.. well, I have never had a problem referring to it in the past (have even done so at work) the only time it can be a little iffy is when going to much larger sizes (18") on small cars... with this sort of thing, even although the tyres may fit, thi site fails to mention the body modifications are needed.

As for 195/46x15's compared to your 167/70x13's....

Rolling Radius

165/70x13 = 280.6mm

195/45x15 = 278.25mm

So the bigger tyres are actually very slightly smaller in height... so no issues there.

Difference in circumference is 0.84%

When traveling at 70mph on the 15" your speedometer will read 69.41mph

As you can see.. there is very little difference, with the exception of tyre width. With wheels of the correct offset (your retailer should advise what is best) 195 tyres will fit OK, I've seen some with 205 tyres... so you should have no problems.

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  • 11 years later...

I have a 1996 starlet on 13's, I would really like to push up to 16's if I can, I was impressed by your stats and I've trawled various sites trying to find out if I can to no avail but from what I read from your thread, it would seem that potentially I could, sorry to be such a typical female about this lol but what/where do I need to measure or consider before I go ahead and fork out for the bigger tyres? 

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