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I need some feedback on RAV 4's!

My other half wants to PX her mint ( 28000 miles) Starlet 1.3 S 1998 for a RAV 4.

For the money she wants to pay ( £3000 cash + PX ) I don't think she will get much more than a P or R plate.

Dealership has offered me £1800 for the Starlet ( Cheeky bas**rds ) & want her to buy a N plate GX 2.0L with 80000 miles for £5995.

Firstly, what sort of price do you think the Starlet should attract?

Secondly, Are the older RAV 4's worth considering? Especially with 80000 miles clocked?

Finally, Any items I will need to look out for when buying?

Thanks in anticipation.


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Toyota Starlet Hatchback

1.3 S 5d 1998/S

Average mileage: 50,000 miles


Original Price £ 9515

Dealer Retail £ 2445

Private Good £ 2215

Private Poor £ 1600

Trade £ 1840

Toyota RAV-4 Estate

2.0 GX 5d 1995/N

Average mileage: 80,000 miles


Original Price £ 16120

Dealer Retail £ 5145

Private Good £ 4410

Private Poor £ 3015

Trade £ 3455

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I suppose buying a car from a dealership = Rip off!!!

They tried to explain that the £800 above retail is due to Warranty & valetting costs etc. I thought the price difference between Trade price & retail accounted for that!

Anyway, It's a buyers market for the next few weeks, so will bide my time.

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Driven all the RAV's there have been, a new 2 door is on the drive atm (mum's) great cars and can't fault them, easy to drive and comfortable and relatively pokey as far as 4x4's go....

As for the mileage if its been lookedafter its a toyota so makes no odds, 80k is nothing....

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Just sold my R reg 5dr Gx for £5600 with 80k on

Shouldnt get many problems

check gear change especially 1st to 2nd & 2nd to 3rd

they are abit clicky but anything ore will need synchros

A new clutch is over 8 hrs to fit but to be honest i cant remember fitting one

seen them come in a 150,000 miles

Tyres expect £70 - £85/tyre and they wear on the outer edges

Driver door lock mechanism can go and you cant open the door from the inside expect over £200

Check exhaust security as the cat section hanger can break off

A good service history is even more important on a 4 wheel drive

This may sound extreme but to be honest you will find it difficult to find a more reliable car let alone a 4wd

General running expect 24 - 26mpg around town and 30 on a run

3 dr can be jerky but def no worse than any other 4wd

Hope this helps

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Thanks for all you feedback.

Sounds like they are a good second hand buy. Suppose I will need to get it on a ramp & check the underbody out for all the items listed.

I know the 3S-FE engine is a good one & should not give me any major issue ( providing it has FSH ).

Is there anyone out there thinking of selling a 3-dr??


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Have bought 1998 ( S ) 3-dr Freesport with 39,000 miles & FSH.

Everything appears to be in good order,but have told them sale is conditional on an underbody check by myself.

I know the Freesport is relatively low spec, however, you still get C/Locking, alarm, immobiliser, E/W, E/Mirrors & sunroof. Not too bothered about A/C.

Only gripe is that it's fitted with Mini disk player ( I don't own any ) & wanted CD!

Thanks for all your advise & hope it gives my missus more pleasure than I do! Not a difficult task that one!

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