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Here is a link to a stockits of the TRD Widebody kit in the USA

Speed Stash

I have e-mailed them and they said that you will not be charged import tax because it's not a commercial sale.

They're selling it for $999 which at the current rate is £571.92 So you'll just have to pay shipping.

Apparantly this is a sale price, I'm not sure how long this sale is on for.

John. :thumbsup:

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I'm sure you will still have to pay import tax mate...... especially is the value is marked. Even if they mark it as gift, you will still have to pay it. It's not them who decides if you have to pay it or not it's customs over here.

I have in the past. I would triple chack this as you don't want to be whacked with a big charge once it hits this country.

Also... supposedly TRD widebody copies ( which this will most probably be ), are poor standard.

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It doesn't say it's a copy... whereas it does with every other copy on the site, you'll have to e-mail them I guess.

Even if you do have to pay import duty on something that costs £571 it's still not going to cost as much as the TRD kit from MTTE, is it? I doubt it that they will charge £4,000 tax.

The same applies to that Border bumper. £171, I'm sure they won't charge me £400 for tax either, I will check: but up to now it seems good.

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I used to work in the imports dept at work, they don't charge that much........typically on networking gear they would charge 17 percent......and that is high end big money gear......I can't see a bodykit been that much.....I bet even if they do charge it'll be no more than a 100 quid at the very most.....

Wonder how much the shipping is !!!

But then you have to wonder how well packed it's gonna be and how mashed it'll be once it arrives !!, s'pose you could have it insured.......

Time to do some research methinks !

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Ok, worked out the customs costs for bodykits if anyone is interested,

It looks as though you have to pay either 3-5 % of the cost of the kit, so in this case between £17 and £28 and then the full 17.5 % import VAT which works out around £104. then whatever it costs to ship it here

So you're looking at :-

Kit price:- £571.00

5% import duty:- £28.00

17.5 import VAT:- £104.00

Total £703.00 plus shipping, but I may have a way around that ...

Still a £4300 saving on the MTTE price tho'

This will be the same for all kits imported from the states.


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I think it's a winner. I get my money from selling my car on Saturday. I might put the order in then.

How long did it take for them to reply to your mails fella ?

I mailed them yesterday morning to find out the particulars of the TRD kit to see if it is the real deal: ie all 11 component parts and not just a cheapo copy.....and have had no reply

One thing I have noticed it that it ain't got the spoiler but I'm sure I can source one of those.....

But yeah, looks like a good place..... :thumbsup:

Well spotted

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