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Brake Noises

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It is likely that over night a thin coat of rust is forming on the discs and for the first few times in the morning you will find them rough. Or it could be a combination of that and the discs/pads nearing the end. Id just perhaps wack of a wheel and get a good close look at them. If they lots of meat left on them, give them a clean down with wire wool and disc cleaner and see how you get on :thumbsup:

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The discs do look a bit rusty. they were replaced along with the pads aless than a year ago so I doubt either of them are on the way out. Well, the pads may be ( I do like late braking!) but the discs better not be! Can you get brake disc cleaner from Halfords etc? I've never seen some. I might clean the rear drums up while I'm at it.

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