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Rear Boot Sensor And Screen Washer Problem


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Hi, I have a 52 reg 140 Gen 7 Celica and have two problems:

1) The rear washer jet doesn’t work, I have checked under the bonnet and the pump motor appears to operate but no liquid is coming out at the other end, the nozzle doesn’t look like its blocked (although difficult to tell) and the pipe appears to be in good condition at the boot hinge. Does anyone know what might be causing the problem and how to fix it?

2) The rear boot sensor is intermittent, e.g. when I unlock the car and open the boot the light doesn’t come on and the car locks itself after a few seconds. I've looked everywhere but can't find a micro switch. Does anyone know where the switch is or how to fix it? The problem might be related to 1).

Thanks in advance.

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Ok as for the screen washer jet, it could be a number of things.

1) Blockage

2) Split or hole

3) Disconnected at some point along the body of the car.

As for the boot sensor, this could be a bit more tricky. The car should lock itself after a short while anyway if it detects no one is in the car.

The light not coming on could be a blown bulb or a disconnection.

It is possible that the screen wash is leaking and causing the problem with the sensor, but I don't know what path the tubing takes. Whether its under the car over along the roof.

The switch might be the lock itself acting as a 'break to make' switch. Other than that I have no idea where the switch might be.

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Not certain about the Celica, but on most cars the switch is usually part of the locking mechansim; in the lower part of the tailgate aperture there's a gap in the trim through which you can see a metal loop that the tailgate lock engages into. You may be able to see the switch through the gap in the trim, but to access it you'd probably need to remove the trim around that loop.

Regarding the pump, it's possible for the pump to make a noise but still not work; can you remove the pipe from the pump and see whether the water then shoots out at pressure, or just dribbles out when the pump is on. If it's weak, try switching the pipes on the pump so that the front pumps to the rear. If it then works you can discount the pipes from your investigation - it's probably the pump.

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Thanks for the replies,

I had a look last night, the washer bottle motor is almost impossible to get to as it is located underneath the headlight, in front of the wheel, looks like I’ll have to remove some items to get to it, might leave it until I have a free weekend and do a deeper investigation!

I also had a fiddle about with the plastic trim around the boot lock and the light works again now?!? Just hope it stays like that!

Thanks again

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Easiest route in is usually through the wheel liner; can't say for certain that that's the best way for a Gen 7, but that's where I'd start as it's usually not too tricky to release that where it meets the arch then gently bend it out of the way to get into the area under the lights. They're only soft plastic.

Can anyone else advise for sure?

Good luck.

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