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if anyone gets this ill be surprised.

Here I am standing on my own

Not a motion from the telephone

I know not a reason why

Solitudes a reason to die

this is still up for grabs..

and im off home now, so ill check later on

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Guess that makes it my turn :lol:

Easy for the people in the know ;)

One last thing before i quit i never wanted anymore than i could fit into my head i still remember every single word you said and all the **** that somehow came along with it now theres one thing that comforts me since i was always caged and now im free

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hmmm, i see im gunna have to pull out my big guns. i never knew there were any system fans on here..


got some words, i don't know

gonna sing'em, here i go

wanna try not to be lame,

wanna make you feel the same

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Ahhhhh spot on with the foo fighters! :lol:

I believe your one is Reel big fish and the kids dont like it if im correct


Give me a sec to blitz through my cd's and i'll have one for you ;)

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damn you leeky - i was going to say that :D

anyways - heres one

Blind your eyes to what you see

You can't embrace it

Leave it well enough alone

And don't remember

Cut your pride and watch it bleed

You can't deny it

Pain you know you can't ignore

I don't remember


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leeky : you got me, lol

james: i know who it is, but its a hard one, not alot of people like that band. see if anyone else gets it..

try this aswell

i will stone you, stone you.

lay my arms arround you

i will stone you, stone you

my little halo

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