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Chosun Wan

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It's a 2003 Thunder Grey TS with 76k on the clock up for £3650. The owner has said though that he'd be prepared to accept £3250 for cash.

Immaculate throughout with no recorded damage.


It has no service history and has been smoked in.

My questions are:

Can the smoke smell be removed?

Is it the lack of service history the kiss of death come resale time?

Cheers for an opinions! :)

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Hi :D

I don't know about resale time, but 'for me' it would have to be a seriously special car to buy with no service history to it, at that mileage, bomb-proof thought the little car is. Other members are way more familiar with the Yaris T-Sport than I am, for instance the Gen 6 Celicas I've had need cam belts changing at 60K as part of their service routines - not sure whether this is the case for the yaris engines or if they're similar to the Gen 7 Celicas and have timing chains replaceable at 100K. Plenty of members here will advise of potential pitfalls at around that kind of mileage and what to expect to pay out for if stuff hasn't been done. It's rare to come across a car with zilch service history to it, perhaps the owner could explain why this is?

I'd be suspect about the 'cash sale' drop in price too - cash is cash at the end of the day no matter where he/she gets it from (cash/cheque/finance) I wouldn't drop £400 for the sake of a few days waiting for a cheque to clear. Hope you're not meeting up on a dark layby at night with a suitcase full of tenners... :unsure: harder to get comeback as well if not from a garage - I assume it's 'bought as seen?'

Just my two-penneth worth, they're my thoughts and only my opinion.

Best of luck with your looking :D Regards

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id keep shopping, you could find a much better example with a FSH and similar milage for that price. and it wont have been smoked in.

also the headliner will be a right state, my mom smoked in our old yaris and all above the window was a right stained smokey mess.

need to ask yourself , WHY does it have no service history?

id keep shopping if i were you

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NEVER EVER touch a car with no service history, especially at that mileage, 60k service i beleive the chain tensioner gets changed, plus there should of been numerous oil and filter changes ( 2 a year/ every 5k ), Plugs, Brake Fluid pretty much everything. Isn't that quite high mileage for a car that age, mines only got 57k on it on a 02. Nah i'd keep shopping mate. Autotrader website is your best bet. Or even eBay.

Good huntng.

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....plus there should of been numerous oil and filter changes ( 2 a year/ every 5k ),

Is that standard oil change intervals on a Yaris T-Sport? Surely not? :unsure:

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