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What Car Should I Buy?


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Anyone welcome to comment on this thread i'm in a bit of a kufuffle :(

So very, very shortly I will have around 5-6k to spend on buying and insuring a car..

Been weighing things up about which car I would buy.

MR2 - A while ago I thought that this was the one I wanted.. but now i'm not sure due to insurance and the cost of keeping them on the road.

Glanza V - Got the opportunity to import one of these... quite like the idea but insurance again would be bad and the image is a little too boyracer.

Celica 5th gen - hmmm, dunno really... would like to see some good examples of members on here perhaps first? not sure about insurance.

Celica 6th gen - I like it, insurance isn't going to be cheap though, would have to be the 1.8... not sure if it will look a little too 'old' for a lad my age.

So there you have it, I dunno what to do.. i'm very image concious (vain) :rolleyes: so whatever I get would need to be in top nick for its age and have a 'cool' credibility about it B)

i'm 19years old with 0 NCB... not been able to insure the yaris in my own name so have been a named driver for past year or so.

Opinions & suggestions are welcome, I want to hear what the mob thinks the 'coolest' car would be :) B)



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Sam you should consider a Paseo!! It fits your criteria!

Enough style & rare enough to turn heads, but best of all the insurance will be fine & you'll still get some performance, especially in comparison to what you've got now. Your budget will cover an excellent example of the car, mods & insurance & then some.

Also you could always wack the 4EFTE in at a later date for the best of both worlds! :thumbsup:

But if we can't change your mind I'll vote Glanza V. :)

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If your into modifying then make sure it has a turbo.

If you want to keep it cheap then get a N/A car but beware if your like me your thurst for boost very quickly :lol:


Personally im very anti boyracer and feel insulted when i get classified as one :lol: , and i think maybe you would get tagged as a boy racer if you get the glanza.

The safest car in the list you have is a celica. The fwd and high safety levels make it a safe car. Trust me i've crashed two of them :lol:

The MR2 is lighter and a bit quicker off the mark than the celica but beware crash damage as they are hard to control as is any rwd when things get iffy and therefore i would say more likely to have had an accident in the past.

Personally i like the RWD or 4WD handling, not quite the same if the rear wheels arent part of the act.

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if it was me, id hunt out a really clean corrado. i kno it's not a toyota, but....well, im not bothered! :D

out of that list though, id either go for the starlet or the 5th gen celica :thumbsup:

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Just thinking about it a really good buy is the MK1 MR2.

1.6 with a supercharger.

Very light car, cheap insurance cuz it being only 1.6 and that supercharger can be modded up a treat!

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I'm gonna have to be the old boring one here I'm afraid.

Just get something run of the mill, cheap to insure, behave yourself and get plenty of no claims bonus then go and treat yourself to something spanking.

I spent to many of my younger years, struggling to run flash cars and paying through the nose for insurance.

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cheers guys, hadn't thought of the paseo... could be interested if I modded it up enough I suppose!

yaris SR... well i've driven a yaris for 2 years+ now... feel it's time for a change, i'd only get another yaris if it was the Tsport.

mk1 mr2, they're nice... in the sense that it's a modern design classic... but it's not got enough credibility even with the supercharger, good thought tho leeky!

right now i'm more interested in going cool than fast :) B)

JT - might go down the VW route yet :)

Rick - what is a Levin?

106 rallye - good call

insurance would have to be named driver... so insurance would need to come to around 1000quid or under as a NAMED driver...

my idea is that i'll get a car to run about in for a year, then go for a new car in a year or so when i'm in a more stable financial situation.

In reality I could finance a yaris tsport... or even a corolla tsport right now, but as I don't know how secure the job is i would prefer to wait until i actually had the cash.

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oh sam, heres something for you to ponder on..

you ever seen a toyota Levin? there puuuuuurdy

Ohhh yeah levin or even rarer a toyota Curren!

Celica with a boot and a diffrent nose!


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just been looking up info on the levin... says it's about 160-180bhp standard, which will probably rule it out of my insurance range.. :(

hehe james that paseo has been slightly over done I think! :P

what insurance group is the paseo and are there any sensible modded seo's here? Bare in mind i'm only gonna keep this car for a year so i don't want to be spending thousands on it with mods..

all opinions still welcome!!!

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hehehe - yepp that paseo had about 17K put into it...

for sensibly modded - 97paseo's is nice allong with Dazh & a few others - post in the Paseo forum & ask for pics.

there are a couple of paseo's in autotrader for around 2,500

ill try & find out on the insurance groups for you.


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