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Servicing Problems In San Jose, California


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Hi Everyone,

I don't know anything about my 87 Supra, and there are several problems:

1. When I first start the car in the morning, the oil pressure starts at 80, then drops to 40, and slowly increases back to 80 when i go faster than 75 mph.

2. When I drove the car for an hour or more on the highway, the radiator fluid in the reservoir is boiling, and the radiator loses fluid. Once, the car just died on me, and all the fluid was gone out of the radiator on the way to San Francisco (when I refilled it with radiator fluid and water two hours later, the car ran ok when I drove it home.) The temperature of the car engine did start to rise after a while, so I slowed down to 50 mph to keep the engine from overheating. I checked for leaks in the last several months, and there is no leaking anywhere under the car.

3. Whenever I turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and start slowly moving, I hear this "crunching, cracking, and rusty bouncy spring" sound - as if something broke in half.

4. The gears are harder to shift these days, especially into 2nd gear.

5. When I come off a highway exit - especially going downhill - the car, brake pedal and steering wheel vibrate a lot when I start to slow down with the brake.

Are there any reputable shops or dealers that I can take my car to? I am spooked by the dealerships ripping people off, but somethimes the shops are not much better.

Thanks for your help!


San Jose, California

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I might be able to give u some info on some of the Qs u have asked....

2) Sounds like either ur radiator fan is not working properly... either because ur thermostat is faulty or an electrical fault with the fan.

3) Most likely that ur cam shaft is on its way out.... change it soon otherwise it'll break and u'll be left stranded.

4) Ur clutch might need changing/adjusting

5) Could be one of the following:

Break disks/pads need changing

Car needs trancking/wheel balancing

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Kash, the water in the expansion tank thing is far more likely to be a blown head gasket than fans etc.. mk3's are notorious for blowing headgaskets... its always worth keeping a spare one in the boot just in case :D

The power steering prob is quote common, you may just be low on fluid or you need a new pump.. but a good checkover is needed for parts on the way out , as Kash says.

The second gear problem is worn sychromesh.. again a common problem on the mk3. You could try using a good fully synth fluid in the box, such as redline. Its been known to help soften the problem after a couple of months.

You've got classic mk3 problems :D all part of owning one !

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Hi Kash and Adi,

Thank you very much for your replies. I don't know too much about the parts you are describing, but it sounds like I need servicing.

What is an MK3? I thought I just had a regular Supra?

Are there any reputable shops or dealers that I can take my car to here near San Jose, California? Again, I am afraid of bad dealerships ripping people off, and the shops might not be any better.

Thanks Again Guys for your help!


San Jose, California

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Nothing to add on your problems as Adi has answered them, unfortunately if it is BHG the car is going to slowly die on you and then stop all together so you need to get it into the shop.

Supras from mid 1986 to 1992 were the 3rd generation of supra, commonly called the mkiii.

Unfortunately, this is mostly a UK forum, so we cant help with a garage in Cali.

Your best place to ask would be www.supraforums.com

All the best.

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