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New Yaris Sr (2008)


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Hi all,

I'm glad to say I am now a proud owner of the Yaris SR (2008) and am so happy with the car so far...It's only been a week today since I picked the car up but I love it so much I can't get out of the car and already done 650 miles in it.

Love the 16" pitlane alloys on it (I've even left the blue celophane protective sheet on the central caps as it just makes the wheels stand out that little bit more), the spoiler is not too big for the car and really does add to the sporty looks. I went for the Decuma Grey and I didn't really fancy black or the lighter venitian silver and my mum has a chilli red aygo so wasn't gonna go for that colour either. Really think it suits the car nice if your a bloke...lol.

I love the idea of the built in TomTom and how it is integrated into the entertainment system, however the hands free microphone to make the car one giant phone doesn't pick up my voice too well when driving, especially at motorway speeds (any ideas on how to make the microphone pick up my voice better would be welcome), its fine when the engine is not running or idle and there is only minimal background noise.

I'm sure there will be many things i'm going to pick up about the car as I spend more time in it and have a fiddle with all its features and will pass on any knowledge to you guys as and when it is available.

Fantastic little car and as I said earlier, I'm already a proud owner.

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