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How Tough....


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Well, after a days shopping at the Trafford centre, and a good 150 miles covered,

thought I'd fill her up with some nice Optimax.

Used a grage I've never used before...and found they only had the two Optimax pumps....on the opposite side of where I was...so I swung around a nice tight arc and "cracckkk"

Prompty got out...filled up...payed...got back in the car and drove off ( without even looking to see what damage I'd done. Bad enough running into the concrete pump surround in front of everyone, than to start inspecting the damage.

I fully expected to see my front offside bumper to be smashed, with foglight hanging on dangling on wires, bumper fixings to be broken...but...no...what's this.. a mere scuff, with a smal 2 inch gash in the bumper just under the lip, so it can't even be seen when stood infront of it.

Sure I'm pigging gutted...but wow! that was some impact I can tell you, and she's hardly worse for were.

30 mins in the body shop and she'll be as right as rain. Although my pride has taken a bit of a dent for being such a fool!


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Belive it or not...it's easier! I'm only 10 miles from York and Harrogate...but both are a pain in the neck to get to from where I am. The only choice is the car....and you can imagine what both towns are like this time of year. Quicker easier...and more pleasant to shoot down to Manchester, only just over an hour each way...and everythings there.


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