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Cars Stolen From Xtreme Uk


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Just spoken to Simon from Xtreme. Looks like 9 cars have been taken. Clio V6, 2 Imprezas and a selection of Evos as well as a Lambo. In addition to this they took the MuT and a lap top. If anyone is offered one, let us know as these are rare. Also tools and other bits and pieces gone. When I get the full details of the cars, I will post them up. Police are there as I type.

They have stolen £350,000 worth of stock!

Xtreme is our sales/service department, where i have just transferd from.

Please if anyone hears anything let me know.

kim x

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Just got full details of the cars taken.

Lamborghini Gallardo G11 ADO Metallic Red

Renault Clio V6 YG55 ROP Black

Evolution IX FQ320 GX55GTZ Blue

Evolution IX FQ320 YX55EOO Silver

Subaru Impreza VN56SVX Blue

Porsche 997 YN54HKF Black


Subaru Impreza YH02JTZ BLUE

Evo VI Tommi Y82 HKU Red

Please let me know if anybody sees any of them

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Surely at least one, if not most of those, have trackers fitted.

Can they not be traced that way, or does it look as if they've been disabled in some way?

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a quick update from Simon

Further update,

Police have now recovered seven cars, only cars still out there now are :

Evo V

Evo IX

Evo VIII FQ400 (which surely must be caught soon as it's been seen that many times around Dudley today !!)

Seems the thieveing scrotes are now dumping them after having their fun, doesn't seem so professional now.


kimi -x-

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This is the latest from James at Xtreme, its taken from the lancer register.

This is my first post on the MLR & What a way to start!!

You can probably all imagine how hectic things have been here this week so this really is the first chance I've had to read through the thread!

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their support! It truly has been outstanding!

The situation has changed a little with regards to the cars recovered and its not good news! Yesterday we were informed that 2 of the cars that had been recovered are actually still missing!!! (The Red Tommi! & A Blue Impreza WRX) This was down to Police computer error! However this morning we have been told that the Blue Impreza was recovered locally last night.

So that takes the total to 7 recovered and still outstanding are:

Y82HKU Red Tommi

GX55GTZ Blue Evo IX FQ 320

R140BAY Silver Evo V GSR

Please keep your eyes peeled for any of the above.

I just want to address a few issues that have been raised throughout the thread!

"I was gonna let them sell my evo 6 on a sell or return as it was bought there 8 months ago !!!!! bloody hell wondered if I would have gotten any money back if they would have took it!!!! they were surpose to be the most surcure place in the uk!!!! that's what I was told!!! mind u that was before there move!!!! as usual a inside job!!! or vital information.....or could be there just a cocky ballsey thiefs"

All cars stored here are covered by our own insurance.

Our security systems were state of the art and although that comment would have been made from our old site I would still have had every confidence in our new site! (Of course I didn't expect our systems to fail!!)

I have been dealing in prestige cars for many years and I have heard many horror stories about selling cars. (e-mail me if you want the whole story! jamesc@xtreme-uk.net) So from my point of view although we have been targeted I would still not sell my own car privately the risks far outweigh the rewards! This happening to us just makes that point stronger! No one is truly secure!

There have been a few comments posted throughout the thread with regards to "dodgy e-mails, fishy, inside job" etc, etc!

I would just like to go on record to say that there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this act was nothing to do with any member of the Xtreme team! The Police have given no time whatsoever to this theory. They think they know who the perpetrators are but are keeping that to themselves until they hopefully get some evidence to prove it.

I do however feel that whoever was involved did have a certain knowledge of our operation. It may of been someone who was acting as a customer or even a supplier.

I do send many e-mails to many people about buying their cars. That is one of the ways we get stock to sell. We deal with every potential seller with the utmost respect and professionalism and offer a pleasant experience to everyone who we buy from.

With regards to "we pay even more if you deliver" every time we go to collect a car from around the country we incur costs. If we can avoid these costs then we are happy to pass the saving back to the customer. This is normally £200 - £250 depending on how far we go.

"not sure if I would be discussing details of alarms system setups and details of lock boxes etc - seems a bit silly - You guys at extreme need to re think this all and keep it mega secret - only higher level managers are to be in the know - seems all too contrived for me - loose lips an all that...good luck with the rest of the cars guys - hope all goes well"

Simon has already commented our current system has been breached and we will be upgrading our systems. We will of course keep those details secret!

Again thanks for all your support!

Kindest regards,



Today, 10:40


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