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erm.. yes and no.

Yes VSC is a form of traction control, however, normal TRC simply detects a 'slipping wheel', and restricts the power output from the engine to compensate.

VSC however, combines the TRC and ABS, and can limit the power to a particular wheel/axle, and can also brake and individual wheel...

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I'm sure it's got it's own dedicated fuse....locate it..and remove it.. but then I'd imagine you'd have a warning light in your face all the time...don't have much info on your model.

One thing to be aware of though...disable a safety feature...if you have an accident, your insurance may refuse to pay out...worse still if you end up killing someone in an accident say, and it's found that you have disabled it, then you could be up for man slaughter. Harsh but true.


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Thats why i want to get rid of VSC

I've got it on my Celica.

The one thing i don't like is sometimes it kicks in and helps you and other times it doesn't do a thing??

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i've recently brought a 2003 t-sport but mine doesn't seem to have TRC. it slips quite a lot under heavy acceleration. surely TRC should get rid of this????

i've heaqrd that its selectable on the new corolla t-sport but not sure how true this is....

On the Corolla, TRC doesn't eliminate wheelspin completely. You

don't really want to, because then you wouldn't know that the tyres

were on the limit. It's also the case that you get maximum traction with

a little bit of wheelspin.

What usually happens (depends on road conditions of course) is that

you release the clutch and there is a short screech from the tyres at

first then a few seconds of duh-duh-duh-duh as the TRC tries to

maximise traction. Even on a dry road, you can often get a bit of

intervention from the TRC at over 6200rpm in first, or when changing

gears at full throttle. That might be why you get the option to turn

it off, but I doubt you could get a faster start overall without it.

The VSC on the Corolla is always supposed to be on. There might be

a fuse, but I've never felt the need to remove it. VSC sort of works with

ABS, but it has added sensors to detect the turning motion of the

vehicle. As I understand the Toyota system, it monitors the rotational

speed of each wheel, the amount of turn on the steering column, the

speed of the vehicle and the yaw rate from a special yaw sensor.

If these don't add up, for example if the yaw rate is too low for the

speed of the car and the amount of lock on the front wheels, it

decides that the car is understeering and applies the rear brakes

to bring more grip to the front wheels.

If the yaw rate is too high and the car is oversteering then the

brake force is applied to the outside front wheel in order to bring

the back end into line.

All the time you have also got ABS to make sure that none of the

wheels which the VSC is using to straighten the car locks up and

becomes useless.

The system generally works pretty well, but it isn't a get out of jail

for free card. The laws of physics still apply and if pushed hard

enough you can go past it's limit, even in the dry. I presume also

that it isn't much help if you get into a four-wheel drift on a

slippery surface.

I didn't realise they had fitted VSC to the Yaris. The VSC was a major

plus point for the CTS over the YTS when I was deciding which one

to buy.



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Is there summut wrong, I was wheel spinning, than I had to brake cos there was no road left, but I couldnt press the brakes, the pedal wouldnt move

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