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How Do I Replace The Wing Mirror?


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Rather upset to see that the missus destroyed my passenger side mirror on sunday 8-(.

It's an R reg, 2.0 TD GS with black wing mirrors.

Called Toyota and was quoted about £165 for a replacement fitted! (Okay it's electric and heated, but too much!).

Had a hunt online and got one delivered for £91 from http://www.bodyshopwarehouse.co.uk/

Only thing now is to fit it. It looks fairly simple, but just wandering if anyone else has done this? If so, any pics/instructions much appreciated!

BTW, this is the first toyota I've had and I think it's really good. where I work in slough, all the minicab drivers have them - surely a good sign, eh?


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it shouldn't be too hard to do it. Pull the black plastic triangle that's from the inside , then remove the three 10mm hex. screws . The mirror is loose. For the wiring , you will have to remove the door plate. There's one philips screw where the knob (or whatever it's name is) that you use to open the door is and another one he bottom of the place that you pull the door closed . Both covered by plastic aeshetic covers. Be patient as you don't want to make any marks.. then with a philips screwdriver , undo the plastic buttons on the door plate perimeter. Carefully pull out and upwards and you're done. Then carefully pull on the water-protective transparent vinyl film. Disconnect the old harness , and connect the new.

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