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Hi People, first of all id like to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

I am the boss of http://www.illusionautostyle.co.uk

We have been going 6 months or so , and we have very good plans for the compnay.

Our site hodl 1500 products at moment, with a view to bring that up to 7,000 after the new year. I just dont think our site is good enough , can you give me your opinions on it ?

I would be gratfeul is you would take the time to.



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you could always sponser me (with a free lambo door kit, neons & NOS) and I'll put your website on my car (somewhere you can't see it) :thumbsup:

Sounds SO much like a good deal to me .. :D

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decent menu system, nice colour.

in the engine mod section, under the pop up menu "chrome & shiney stuff" - you should spell "shiny" without the E.

im a stickler for spelling!

also £1300 for a lambo door kit? - phew,........do it for £300 and i'll have 1 off ya :thumbsup:

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