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Carina E Driver Door


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Could anyone tell me what’s happened here, I have a Carina E 1996 and the driver door will not open from the outside? It will however open from the inside, it was working fine until a few days ago and central locking will not work from this door which is a bit of a pain.

Has anyone got an idea of how I can go about fixing this problem?

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Removing the lock isn't too difficult. To remove the door panel take out the screw covers from the door handle. There are some more at the bottom of the panel.Take all the screws out and pull the panel off the clips.Unplug all the wiring for windows etc.To remove the lock disconnect the linkages, remember how they go back.Take out the bolts that hold the window channel and pull it to one side.Undo the three screws on the end of the door and the lock should come out.Some of the linkages may be easier to remove after the lock has been loosened.

Regards Dave.

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Thanks Dave. I'd got as far as removing all the door padding, electrics etc, but hadn't gone as far as the linkages.

I'll give it another go tomorrow, coz it's damned annoying having to open from the passenger door! :wacko:



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Thanks very much 49greenie thats exactly what was wrong a spring had come loose from the lock mechanism, so I replaced it and the door is working fine now :thumbsup:

Great advice 49greenie, I have a 95 Carina E and had same problem, I read your comments and took off door panel and sure enough, saw the spring at the bottom of the door with one end of it broken after 12 years of opening and closing, Car parts shops did not have a replacement spring so I got one from engineering firm in ind. estate locally.

Lock is a bit fiddly to get out with the linkages etc, but took only 2 hours to remove panel and lock and refit, delighted with the result and the saving of much money if the dealer got it.

The window winder handle was abit of a mystery to remove until i saw another forum on the web, there is a wire circlip between the window winder and the round plastic washer, a slim flathead screwdriver will get in and pop the clip out.

This is a great car and has never left me on the road in 12 years, (After owning terrible VW and Renault cars) I plan to keep it and maintain it as long as I can.

Phil (Ireland)

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