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Rear Windscren Wash Motor Problem


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My Rear Windscreen Wash motor does not work anymore. I can't even hear the noise of the motor when I am trying to action it. The one for the Front Windscreen is working fine though.

Are the 2 different motor for the 2 Windscreens (I guess so..)

Where is the fuse located and where is the motor located ? How to identify it ?

Thanks for your help

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Most cars have one motor that spins in opposite directions to pump the water to the front or rear screen.

But I think the Avensis may be one of the exceptions to that rule and may have two motors.

The motors are usually a push fit in the side of the washer bottle itself. On some cars access is very simple, but on modern cars there's so much stuff under the bonnet that the access can be tricky - often the best route in is through the wheel arch liner.

If anyone has changed the washer bottle on an Avensis they'll be able to advise. Beware all your fluid will leak out when you remove the pump, so have something to catch it, or else do the job next time the bottle is empty.

Pumps usually about £50 from MR T.

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Normally there is just one motor on the washer tank itself (a small back rectangle). Are you sure it's not blocked or anything.

there are 2 motors on the bottle (3 if you have headlamp cleaning) under the osf wheelarch behind the foglight area. they are just a pushfit intothe bottle the rear one has a red connector on the top. i have a spare one here if you interested, pm me

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