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I'm a reletively new celica owner, although i know this forum is for UK celica owners, i figured you guys might at least know something about the cars, as I haven't found a decent free USA forum yet. :(

I bought a 1985 Celica GT, from a little old lady that had it since `85, origional owner, all service recpiets, including every single oil change. :eek: It looks nice, piccys included, below, but i have a question on the performance specs. It's a 2.4L manual-shift, and it comes with the 22-RE engine. What are the specs on this car ? 0-60 ?? factory hp, torque, curb weight ? any help would be appericated.

Piccy's are in this folder:

Car Pics

These pictures were taken during the last test-drive prior to purchase, and yes that's the mother in the pic, she wouldn't let me drive it alone yet. >.<

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Here are your cars specs

Quick Specs:

Engine: 2.4L 8valve 22r-e, single port EFI

Horsepower: 116@4800rpms

Torque: 140lbs@2800

Bore and Stroke(in.): 3.62x3.50

Suspension-front: McPherson Strut

Suspension rear: solid axle w/panhard bar

Steering: rack and pinion

Coefficient of Drag: .340

Don't know about your 0-60 times, usually the internet is way off w/ those cause someone estimates them. Just time it yourself or get a friend to. You won't be perfect but you will be close.

Nice Car and welcome to the wonderful world of Celicas

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