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I have a 93 Paseo, and I reciently added a gender bent intake system to my paseo, involving a system from a Corolla and a 93 civic. The Corolla one is a short ram so it alone would suck. So I spliced on most of a honda civic intake system (cut off about 4") to the Corolla system and routed it under my Battery and into the void within the LH fender. The first thing i did was hit the freeway and one mile later "check engine light." Two days later the solution came to me in a dreem so i went to the local radioshack and obtained a 1/4watt 4.5ohm resister and in the parking lot spliced it into the wife conecting to the intake air temp sensor. I then hit the freeway and instantly noticed a little more power and poof the light was gone.

Just thought I would share; Jeremy B)

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