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4age Tuning Stuff....


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Hello ppl,

Just wondering if there`s any interest in tuning goodies among the 4age boys. The UK is a bit of a lame duck compared to the US, Aus etc, and if you can find anything of interest it`s waaaay !Removed! expensive.

If there was enough interest, I could get some very good deals on cams (Kent, Piper), adjustable cam sprockets, lightened flywheels, blah blah. All top quality but at a FAIR price (important).

I`ve been making this sort of stuff for years and I`d like to get into stuff for the 4ag, although I suspect it`s a dying market.

This has been in my head for months now, but this is my first bit of market research. If I don`t ask I`ll never find out, sooooooooo.....

What say you??



I`m legit and not out to scam anyone...

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272' cams with some vernier gears will be just perfect for those of us with street driven 4age's thank you very much.....

Kent cams are quite reasonably priced and easily available here, its only the hyped up Jap stuff that tends to be overpriced. - lets face it a 272' cam is a 272' cam no matter where it comes from and who makes it, possibly only the quality of the original billet could be a deciding factor.

Mr2 internals + turbo and Supercharger on a 4age will allow you to run at 350bhp with an aftermarket ECU (not a piggy back one !)

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