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While Toyota Owners Club always likes to encourage the getting together of its members it must be made clear that any meetings made on the forum (Unless agreed) MUST NOT be made in the Toyota Owners Club name.

The reasons for this are not to prevent our members from having individual meets but purely from a liability standpoint.

Even meetings held on public/private land will be liable as well as any convoys to and from these events.

These draconian measures are not necessarily agreeable but are understandable.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and feel free to put forward any ideas on future events that the club can take part in.

Regards Les

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So we gotta have "Non Club Specific Coming Togethers of People with Similar Makes or Marques of Motor Vehicles" now?

Hehe :P

Didn't know you did Irish meets? :blink::lol:

I see what you mean though :yes: We all know it is aimed at the "Racing convoys", "Car park doughnutters" and "Grass chewer upperers" To save clubs being held liable for damages ;)

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Les, while I understand you point on events organised in the name of TOC, I do find that your first comment to be complete dross, TOC haven't encouraged any events for the members and if anything when I organised a stand at JAE the response from representatives of TOC was that I wouldn't be capable of doing such a thing and if TOC wasn't going to organise it then I couldn't even discuss it on the forum despite us choosing a different name to ensure TOC had no connection.

You even contacted me last year to ask if I would be interested in becoming an organiser for meets etc, I responded to you positively but said that I would need someone to help me due to work commitments.....I never heard anything from you after my reply.

I personaly think that TOC needs a shake up so that it can become the club that it should be and instead of trying to put down members who are keen to represent TOC maybe they should be encouraged to move the club forward. Looking at recent posts from phoenix ref JAE 2012 this just shows how little interest there is from the management........thats a real shtame guys and I feel sorry for people like phoenix who have so much passion and commitment towards TOC but get very little in return.

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I think we have to be aware that Les' post was made way back in 2008 when TOC was quite active on the meeting front. Sadly few people want to attend meets and ever fewer want to organise them.

I applaud Dangermooser and his willingness to organise and like him I expressed a willingness to organise something and I told Steve (Admin) via pm, sadly I did not get a reply.

Now last year I did not attend JAE as TOC was not represented but as for this year I feel somewhat different. If someone wants to organise a stand, even under a different banner, then I will lend my support and hopefully attend. The members on here are a great bunch of people and if more put their names forward in support then they would realise that and enjoy a meeting of like minded people.

Come on, get involved in TOC after all it is your club. Please don't let TOC drift into a web based club only where all we read are questions and moans and groans about things that go wrong. Our cars are made by Toyota and are very reliable so lets celebrate that and get together now and again for a few laughs.

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Thats fair enough, I must admit I didn't realise that the original post was so old, so I apologise to Les for part of what I have said. I do think though that TOC has pretty much destroyed itself from within and will be lucky to become anything more than web based.

I am prepared to organise a JAE event again and I have discussed this on another forum but as yet I can't say for sure that I will be organising anything or indeed actually attending yet.

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