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Corolla 91 Won't Start


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I have a Corolla 91 Automatic DX. Since about four months I have been noticing that after running the car for about an hour in heavy slow traffic, when I stop the engine and try to re-start the car, It won't go...nothing. I have to wait about twenty minutes until I am able to re-start the vehicle. Fortunately this has happened after driving from work to pick up my daughter at school so it is only an annoying delay.

The radiator was replaced for a new one very recently (the fail was observed with the old radiator too), so I discarded this as a possible reason, but I know it is temperature related, since after driving under normal traffic conditions the problem does not appear.

Thanks for any advice regarding this

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When you say 'it wont go, nothing' do you mean it wont even turn over ?

Is it points or electronic ignition ? if its point you'll probably find the gap is at its limit and when the engine gets too hot the gap opens up a fraction more and you no longer get a contact, this gap will decrease as the engine cools.... about 20mins worth funnily enough

else it sounds like the fuel is evaporating due to heat in the engine bay but need a little more clues first....

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I have an automatic 91 Corolla also, and I have that same problem from time to time. From what I gather from asking around, it may be the coil overheating. The coil is attached to the starter, and it causes the starter to not work. It doesn't turn or anything.

When it happens to me, I have to sit there for about an hour. Then it magically starts up again. Freakin weird, if you ask me.

I haven't done anything about it. I moved to a cooler climate, and it's only happened a couple times in the past year. I don't know if a new starter would help or not.

Sorry I don't have a fix action for you.

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