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Rav4 Alarm ?


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Can anyone help? i have recently bought a 1995 Rav4 gx 3door, unfortunately it only has one key, it has an alarm ,but i do not know if it comes as standard, and if it operated by a key or another transponder fob (this key does not operate it), i have contacted a dealer who will supply a fob (£108) and another key (£98), any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks ..

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go to a dealer and ask them to remove it...mine was playing up and it cost 20 quid...the immobiliser still works with the key...but no push button door opening anymore...never mind....sometimes less is more. :thumbsup:

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There should be a motion sensor under drivers panel. You can adjust the sensitivity by removing black bung & turning towards - sign.

If this does not work try disconnecting. This way you will still have the current sensing side active.

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Good news and Bad news,

The good,I have purchased a keyless entry fob and it is for this model 1995(n reg)GX, 3 door.

The bad, I have tried to use some reprogramming instructions found in this forum

but my ECU must be an earlier model p/n 00270-01041 toyota security system.

It has set of six dip switches and a white adjuster knob.

Can anyone please help with the correct reprogramming instructions or where i can download them or even find the above part number anywhere.

:help: :bookworm:

many Thanks

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