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I am looking for the service tool required for adjusting the valve clearances on a 3s-ge engine. It's used for depressing the bucket so the shim can be removed/replaced without undoing the camshafts.

I've seen the tool advertised on an american website, but does anyone know where I might buy one in the UK? (I think it's a fairly standard tool that is used on many toyota OHC engines).

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as far as I know, Machine mart sell this item.

EDIT - just looked on their website and couldn't find it.There's one in their catalogue though, in the Hand Tools section. CHT452 - OHV Valve spring compressor - about 15 quid.

Thanks for that, although I'm not sure it is quite what I need. Do you mean this one: http://www.toolsbypost.com/product.php?cat...840&id=2927? I think that only works on OHV engines, and not OHC.

The tool I have seen is this one: http://www.zdmak.com/wbstore/main.asp?acti...P=1&LowCt=0, $17 plus shipping.

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the way I understand it is that the moon shaped bits loop round the camshaft and press onto the sides of the buckets. you then pivot the tool on the camshaft and the bucket is pushed down enabling the shim to be removed.

If this isn't the right tool then I'm very surprised as it looks so familiar to the one I used ( a good few years ago mind ) for this exact job.

Maybe someone else can confirm/deny this just so we all know once and for all.

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