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Eeeek Paint Reacting!


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DOH! My 'blessed' painter just informed me that the paint is reacting where its been patched up before - TYPICAL!!

Looks like if I get out on Sunday with it I will be lucky :(

Been really good though - been getting about 20 progress pics a day :yes:


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The lots getting spayed right now. Same colour cos I love that aqua colour. Just having Gold sprayed up the 'bumps'.

Just a bit of cracking all up the nearside where its been repaired before. Had a look this morning - doesnt look TOO major

http://www.upauto.co.uk/Celicabs.htm >> the kit I got



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Nice! i like the colour a lot. the kit looks sweet as well. you are gonna have to bring it to a meet in the new year. :thumbsup:

I may have mine back by then. it depends how much my insurance goes up by and if i loose my licence. :(

(if you have no idea what i am talkin about read the i am F***ed thread in the general fourm. it maybe on a couple of pages back by now as it was locked.)


got bored so i found the topic for you.

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Holy Shhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!t........REALLY happened to you that day didnt it. I'd have been going super nuts too - ABS failure :angry: but yeah those cops must have been low on thier quota that day.

Good luck.

.... got me worried about mine now. One of my abs sensors has failed >> Think I will be forking out for NEW ones now! Your accident sounds freaky enough as it is.

Another thought..... those :censor: cops just must plain not like Celicas... must have it in for us. My car came back up for sale after only a year. (Saw it again and bought it this time though! - Must be fate). Reason it was for sale - Ex owner got a ban.

Errrrrm.... right ... better go find it a new number plate lol or do I take it as pre-disastered!

New pics / progress update should be here soon!

bringing it to a meet?......ABSOLUTLEY

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