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Front Strut Brace

Mark jza70

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Ahhhhh your THAT mark ;) Saw you post on smargroups.. I love your car, totally spit on example of a mk3 mate!!!

You'll find most of the wobb;e is not actuallt from the front, its from the centre of the car, - that why the room makes so much of a difference!!!! do your doory have the reinforcing hooks in them for less flex???

as far as I know any mk3 brace will fit, -the 1JZ engine is pretty low set, compared to the bulky 7M. I'm looking into one too ;)

do you have TEMS????

I have some pics of your car (from your post on smartgroups) can I feature it on my site, gove you a page to show people anyway :) if your interested and its ok could ya mail me the spec to charlie@suprasonic.co.uk??

ta :)

-I'll get back on a decent strutbrace :)

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Hi Mark.. as Charlie says it will make very little difference to the ride in regards to the flex when the roof is off.

The only thing that will make a difference to the mk3 aero is aerotop struts. The fit in the holes where the roof bolts went.. but they look hideous and are rarely found.

Drive it a bit more with the roof offf and you'll be suprised how quickly you get used to the wobble... i dont even notice it anymore, even when cornering at speeds.


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'Tis True... I don't notice it at all anymore!!!!!

Infact when I got my new turbos rebuilt, I drive the car with the roof on and had to take it off to make sure that they were sounding right!!!!! I was so unused to the car WITH a roof on...

then again I HAD no roof for a while :lol:

Adi NEVER seen those struts before!!! -they sound rubbish :lol: Why not just get a rollcage

Do they all have the strengthening "hooks" in the doors, or is it a narrow body thing?

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Its been so long since i looked at my door i cant remember what you mean by 'hooks' :D

You can loads of crap for aerotops in the US, from lightweight roof panels to the stengthening bars i mentioned above, even a canvas roof cover for when it rains and you cant be bothered to put the roof back on !!

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I KNEW Nick would come out with something like that :crybaby:


Funny tho I thought of making one out of my old roof... cutting it up so its 2 long sprips, with canvas attached, so I can roll it up and have a "emergancy" roof for when I wanna go soewhere with the roof off, but not lose half of my boot space!

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