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Anyone Work For Toyota Prefurably Gb?

moose 130

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I come here as a new member and I need some help.!!

I have a 93 Hilux and it has just failed its MOT on excessive movement in the steering rod that comes from the drop arm on the 'box to the top of the OS hub arm.

No problem there. But, I got a new arm and upon inspection it is exactly the same! The two ball cups at the end have elongated holes/slots to allow for movement, so it can act as a shock absorber for the steering. Even the new and old springs that cushion the movement appear the same!

What I would like to know is, is there a maximum ammount of movement allowed by Toyota before they recomend replacement of the arm.

If you could let me know if Toyota has a memo of this measurement in a workshop manual I would be really greatfull, I can go and have a word woth the tester and maybe have some luck!

Here is a picture of the old socket and new one, as you can see (apart from the grease) there is no difference in the size of the slot!


Old one above


New one above

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Dont think there are figures that tell you when it needs replacing, will just say something like "if movement is excessive then replace arm!"

We used to get a lot of people ringing up for this part because their Hilux had failed the mot. The arm is adjustable, just screw the end in tight then back off a quarter turn.

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Thanks for the replys guys, I have looked for an online manual but have found nothing yet, Sandhurst Toyota agree there is movement allowed and are trying to get me some more info. Toyota GB are friendly, but all they can do is give me a £1.50 per minute help line to Technical.

Anyone else help?? or can you recomend a Hilux specialist?

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