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I've been looking at a few possible cars to replace my ageing, but trusty (until recently, when all hell started to break loose) Mk2 Volkswagen Golf.

I'm 20 at the moment, so as far as performance is concerned I'd like something that is pretty fast as I am quite enthusiastic about my cars, but I accept that I can't get too throttle-happy because UK insurance is a rip off.

That's why I'm not posting in the Supra forum, unfortunately :crybaby:

Anyway, I'm having a hard time trawling through all the crap on the net in an attempt to find out as much info as possible on the 6th Generation Celica. So far all I've managed to find out is that it's FWD (I can overlook that, possibly)!

If possible could somebody give me a quick run-down on the basics of all the 6th Gen' Celica variants? Displacement and power output being the two most important factors. 0-60 times would help aswell though, if ya wouldn't mind as it helps me gain a better understanding of what I'm looking at!

Are Celicas also tuneable? I know that as a general rule 4 cylinders is generally a bit limited (or so they say) but seeing as I'm bound to be hanging on to the car until I'm at least 25 I'd like to be able to extract more power from it as time goes by.

Cheers in advance,

Daniel :thumbsup:

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3 versions of the Celica (here's some UK specs):

GT4 2.0 turbo (4 wheel drive)


0-60 in 6.3

top speed is 153mph

combined fuel economy is about 24-25 mpg

weight 1440kg

tyre width: 215

fuel tank 68 litres

16" alloy wheels

Aircon as standard

GT 2.0 NA (FWD)

173bhp (down to 168bhp later - possibly from '96 onwards)

0-60 in 7.9 seconds

top speed is 139mph (137mph for 168bhp version)

combined fuel economy is 31mpg

weight 1220kg

tyre width 205

fuel tank 60 litres

15" alloy wheels

Aircon optional

ST 1.8 NA (FWD) (SR version is a limited edition of the ST but with extras)

(not sure when the 1.8 version appeared, maybe '96)


0-60 in 10.0 seconds

top speed is 124mph

combined fuel economy is 35.8mpg

weight 1170kg

tyre width 195 (SR had 205)

fuel tank 60 litres

steel wheels as standard, optional alloys (SR had 16" alloys)

Aircon optional (standard on SR)

All versions had disc brakes front and rear as well as ABS.

Front foglights were an option on the early GT models (pre '96 maybe?)

All had power steering, electric mirrors, alarm, folding rear seats.

There's also a cabriolet version of the GT, but it ain't too pretty.

I don't know much about tuning though, but any other specific questions then just ask....

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Out of the jap cars here it goes:

SS1 140bhp i believe from a 2.0 3s-fe 0-60 ?

SS2 179bhp from the same 3s-ge as the UK GT. 0-60 is 7.8 secs

SS3 197-210BHP (Depending on the exact engine) 3s-ge with variable valve timing. 0-60 is approx 7secs

GT4 255-260bhp 3s-gte with a 0-60 of approx 5.6secs

GT4 WRC Same as above with a few extra pieces to homologate for rally purposes. Most noticeably the Big Spoiler, Anti-Lag & Spray Bar.

Im my experience import celica's cost £100-200 more than a UK car to insure. UK cars can be serviced at toyota dealers which is the bonus for the UK cars.

The jap cars however are usually cheaper, better condition and come with toys that the uk cars dont. For example the Electric folding mirrors.

Either way your gonna find any celica is a good reliable car. :thumbsup:

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