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Avensis Cdplayer


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Hi Everybody !! Does anybody knows if I can remove the original cd player from my Avensis , model '01 and place an aftermarket one???I really fancy a DVD player or at least an Mp3 Player!!!! My car's interior is exactly the same with the one in the foto, only mine has manual gearbox,but that is not the issue!!!So, is there anyone that has made such modification???


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I want to replace the CD unit with a Pioneer head unit I have. First problem is that no one I've checked with know of a facia surround which will fit a standard DIN for this model. I have checked all the websites and car accessory shops in UK and Ireland but everyone tells me the same thing, there are none available for this model.

The dealer has told me that they can be replaced still allowing the computer to work but can not remommend anyone who would know of a facia surround.

Can anybody help ???????

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i removed the cd player anyway and replaced it witha kenwood mp3 player it worked great but i had to live with the ugly metal showing around the edges !

Can you explain how made it (remove the cd player)? I want remove the cassette unit and i think what be same procedure


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Hello everybody,

I am a one who is interested to buy a Toyota original or similar CD-player in my dash, because I have no interest to invest much money in this deal.

By now I have the same interior only the problem is that there is a cassette deck instead of a CD-player.

As I see some people are going to pull out the original CD-player, so I would like to buy one.

Whatever, I hope to get some offers for this one. :)

My e-mail is: klausinsh@one.lv

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