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Astra Vs. Yaris


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i own 1999 1.4 cc astra sedan.

i would like to buy Yaris 1.0 MMT.

what will be your advices about my selection?

should i go with astra or change it to Yaris?

i have two children and wife , and i wonder if i will face with boot problems.

is it possible to move back seats in variable dimensions (8 cm or 15 cm)?

is it also possible to sit people at back seats if the seats were moved 15 cm?

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Hi talaymu

Welcome to the club mate.

About the Yaris i own a Yaris t sport 1.5. 3 door and it's ok for me and my wife we have no kids. The Yaris it's never going to have a big boot space as the astra. But it does it's best. The boot is just about bigger enough to put my weekly shopping in for 2 of us. But if you have got kid's and if they are still young and they need to have a push chair then i think you are stuffed.

You have got the added bonus that the back seat can slide forward to give you a bigger boot. But you would sacrifice the rear seating. You can just about get a 6ft person behind once the seat has been slid forward. But i wouldn't want to travel very far sitting like this. But once returned to normal seating the yaris can seat 2 adults and a child in the back no problem.

You would probably find that the yaris has more head height than the astra giving you more of a airy feeling. If you do go for one i would get the 5 door version. Just a bit more practical than the 3 door version and perhaps maybe the 1.3 or 1.5 model. Both model's are still very good on fuel. :thumbsup:


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:yes: Hi the other half drives our nissan tino to work now i used to have a 3 door punto but have changed to a yts for looks and more pick up i take the kids to school every morning would still like the memory of the punto on the seats but other than that all is fine and the 3 door looks better if you can put up with the seats other wise get a 5 door but the Yaris looks better than the astra i think :D
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