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Help With Stereo


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can anyone help?

my mate wanted to change the stereo in his mr2, from factory one to a pioneer one. the wires at the back have been cut on both(i.e does not have the clip/adaptor!!).

we tried looking at it for a while today, but cant make head or tail.

does anyone know which wires to hook up to what?

had a look on previous posts but no matches.

its a j-reg mr2. uk car.

any help would be much appreciated


p.s has active subwoofer or something.

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Don't know how helpful this will be BUT if Pioneer use similar colour wires across their range it may help

black earth

red switched power(12V)

orange permanent 12V

yellow lighting switch terminal

yellow/black phone mute

blue auxiliary(control for power amp or elect ariel)

green+green/black front left speaker

grey+grey/black front right

geen/red+green/black rear left

grey/red+grey/black rear right

That covers it I think, hope it helps (these are for pioneer KEH6100/6200/7100/7200RDS units)

I don't know any thing about the wiring in the car but if you follow this link it should have everything you need http://mr2manual.teq.org/ewd.html good luck :thumbsup:

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