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98 Corolla radio removal


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Hello all,

I wondered if anyone might be able to suggest how I remove the radio/cass from my 98 Corolla so I may replace it with a funky new cd player. I removed the narrow plastic surround but couldn't see any obvious screws to remove or clips to pop to allow the radio to come out. I wondered if the "hump" in the dash containing the radio unit should come off to allow access. It seems pretty securely fixed though.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,



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hiya graham,

I've just brought a corolla 1.3 se '99 with the famous dash hump, and I'm stuck as well!

..but I've got a feeling it's got something to do with the air vents (under the hump), because if you flip these to face down, you will see the words ' radio service' embossed on the inside of the vent housing.

I'm gonna contact an ICE dealer soon, because nobody, (get this!!) NOT EVEN MY !Removed! TOYOTA MAIN DEALER :lol: knows how to remove the stereo in the correct manner. (they suggested prising the hump off with a screw driver :o )

I'm on the case.......

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hi i replied to the other post you left but here it is again remove the air vents and the two screws behind them hump simply lifts off

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