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John R

Veilside or Border  

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  1. 1. Veilside or Border

    • Veilside full kit
    • Border front and toms skirts

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So, Border front bumper:


Or Veilside Kit:



Plus for border; smaller, less over-the-top

Plus for Veislide; Curvy and all the girls I've shhown a picture of it too went weak at the knees.

Negative for Border: A bit angular, 80's style

Negative for Veilside: Might hit things on the road, and it stands out more so jealous people might key it.

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BORDER !!! Cause the Veilside is a hateful peice of kit, where the Border is brutal.

Veilside "style" is on the front of every Nova .. why go Jap Style, when you have a Jap car?

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Have a look at www.mr-2.com .. find one you like.

At the end of the day it's your car .. I know a lot of people will not like my bodykit choices .. but tough, it's my car !!


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Veilside baby..........if people are gonna damage your car they'll damage it whatever you put on it......had mine hit 3 times today...and it's standard. :ffs:

Oh you forgot one.........TRD widebody :thumbsup: ........that's what I'm after....can't get a reply from speedstash tho......guess they don't want the business !

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I would have to go with the veilside. Yeah they both look great don't get me wrong. But just think of the looks you would get with the veilside and it has such a flashly look to it. It is your car but I am also looking at the veilside and the rear bumper and sideskirts won me over. The front also has a real nice smooth look to it. well hopefully you find the kit you want. :thumbsup:

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aren't you forgetting the bomex kit, spose its sort of meeting in the middle, luke has my bomex nose and personally think its superb :)

yip, yip, yip..... Bomex !!! I have the bomex nose sitting in my hallway. Will be going on the car in a month or so.

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My plans for the car are.... (I'm only putting them here so that I don't forget them)


Border/Toms front bumper

Toms skirts

Veilside rear bumper

Wolfrace Mantis 17"

-40mm Lowering springs

side and bonnet manufacturers logo's


Cobra Monaco black bucket seats

Momo steering wheel & gear knob

Custom bass enclosures

Custom e-glow dials


Mongoose exhaust/cat

Eco-tek de-coking spray

Blitz induction kit, in custom position

Magnecor leads / HKS plugs

Eventually a chip

EBC greenstuff pads / uprated discs

Braided brake hoses

Strut brace

Well.... sorry about that, just somewhere that I can list it all :thumbsup:

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