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would have been a non SMT as they are slow .. think the 2nd revision of the Mk3's are quick-ish ..

The second gen Mk3 is simply a facelift, plus some suspension tweaks, 16"rear wheels and a six speed box (overdrive 6th - all other ratios remain the same) The SMT is slower off the line than the manual version.

The Mk3 is quoted as 8.0 sec 0-60 by Toyota, but most magazine testers have achieved low 7's and some private owners high 6's. With a kerb weight of less than 1000kg (Power to weight ratio of 140bhp per tonne), the MK3 will give any N/A Mk2 a run for its money. B)

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It was good if not a little fixed :D

Cozzy/rs focus was a little optomistice to the tune of about 100BHP :D

As was the 300 v's 350.....300 weighs as much as a small contry but once the twins start blowing it shifts!

Mk11 v's Mk111 MR2 would have been more interesting cos im sure the mk3's slower.... :unsure:

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off the line? Defo - it weighs about twice the amount of the 350z !!

(But still won over 1/5th of a mile .. imagine over 1/4 mile - even bigger gap)

didnt know about the weight ratio difference, but i guess it is a bigger car...

I almost missed it 2 Jimlad, good thing my bro called me dwn for the drag races :D

And i loved the slaggin off of the AudiTT, sed exactly what i've been saying about that car, Clarkson's a ledge! :yes:

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Its just so very typical of (biased) British Television programs NOT to show imports in a good light.

There was no MR2 Mk1 Supercharger or MR2 Mk2 Turbo cars on the show simply BECAUSE they are imports to the uk and where never officially available here! Lets remember that the BBC has an appauling "anti-imports" record so much so that you'll never get them to admit or show imports in a good light.

So much for 'impartial' reviewing... if you ask me all the presenters and program makers must be on the pay rolls of the uk official manufacturers...


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