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Oil Light Is On.help


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Hi I am worry about my landcruiser Prado 3.0 TD 1999.I have change the oil and oil filter for first time after I own the car. used original parts from JAPPARTS.After this when I start the car the oil light is on for 4/5 sec., only when the car doesn't use for an hour.Is that normal or I have a problem.Some more information: the engine is 55000 miles, I think the oil wasn't change for a long time and decide to flash the engine with special chemical before to put the new oil 10/40w. The engine noise is perfect.

If someone knows more about the problem ,let me know.

Thanks! :(

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When you say original parts are you sure that the oil filter was, some filters don't have an anti drain valve in them so the oil light stays on for longer whilst it refills on start up, in future get your filters from a Toyota dealer or Roughtrax.

What was the chemical that you flushed it with, have never been a fan of these as you have to run the motor with very thin oil in which could damage the bearings.

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I agree with Andy on this i also used engine flush in a Rover V8 engine many years ago was a sweet engine before the flush and a real rattler after so i have NEVER used the stuff again just reg oil changes every 3kmiles :) I also changed my filters and fluids a couple of weeks ago and praised Milners for there quality of there parts and service BUT i do now notice my oil light stays on a little longer than before :o This was suggested by some other helpful L/C owner so highlited the problem i WILL be changing my filter fo genuine asap want to keep my sweet 3.0 engine dont want a rattler/rebuild jobby :rolleyes:

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