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Cat Temp Sensor....


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Right, the garage i bought my mr2 off of bodged the old leaking exhaust through an MOT by soldering up the hole the cat temp sensor went in and wedging the sensor up behind the wheel arch....

Now im not that worried as i have just replaced the cat/exhaust but havent put the temp sensor back in yet.

I believe im getting crap fuel econ from the car (mate with a turbo one is getting better milage!) could this be the problem? The sensor is cold being away from the zorst....so the ecu things the engine it still in cold start mode or some such?

Any thoughts gentlemen?

(chimp/ian - no tried that method.... :!Removed!: )

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erm.. I dunno... I had my cat sensor taken out when I got the my Aussie downpipe fitted... I've not noticed lower/better fuel consumption... then again I have also had it chipped.. so maybe that would increase fuel economy slighty...

I dunno bud.

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te arage i

I thought you were speaking Maori for a minute there :D



oops....mixture of ******* keyboard that misses the odd letter, lack of co-ordination and total lack of proof reading...but you get the idea :unsure:

Spoke to fensport yesterday, bloke said the only purpose the sensor has is to warn of over heating of the cat, usually when itstops functioning properly....which as i now no longer have a cat ;) ent a problem :D


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