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Bought Some New Magnecor Leads...


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My rev3 turbo had some 8.5mm Magnecor leads on it, but when it rained they kept getting wet so a new set was needed. Turns out that they were the wrong fitment (without clips) anyway so that's why they were getting wet.

So, I went to Fensport to see if they had any of the same leads with the correct fitment. They were out of the 8.5mm's but had the 5mm leads in stock. I asked the bloke if there was any noticeable difference and he reasured me that the 5mm ones would be fine as they run them on their 400bhp engines!

So, I get the leads and when I looked at them I was so shocked :o

They are the thinnest HT leads I have EVER seen!! They're like those red 'boot lace' sweets you can buy :lol:

But they run sweet. Still lot's of smooth power from virtually no revs, but run better than the 8.5mm because they aren't getting wet!

Just thought I'd say that the guy I spoke to at Fensport (the one who owns THAT Corolla) was very helpful.


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