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Avensis Questions


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OK 2 really dumb questions for you :help: .

2001 1.8 CDX Avensis.

1. Where do the side air bags actually deploy from ? Can't see any 'panels' in the side of the seats or doors ?

2. What is that small black plastic dome which sits at the bottom of the screen on the inside (drivers side) on the dash ?


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. . . the dome is the Sun-sensor for the climate control.

Thinking about it - :wacko:

I thought climate control just measured the internal temp of the car and then increased or reduced hot or cold air until it reaches the desired set temp.

What role does the sun sensor play then ?

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The sun-sensor is there so that they systems can compensate for outside effects.

For example, when you sit in the sun, you feel a lot warmer than the actual interior temperature of the car, a bit like when they talk of the chill factor wherby it feels cooler than it actually is. So take this in reverse.

So the sun-sensor takes this into account when the climate control is regulating the temperature.

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