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2zzge Ecu Remapping In Poland (imek)


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Hello Gents

I have a Corolla 2zz-ge and really want to up the performance just a bit. Have you guys remapped the ECU? What was the gians? are you happy? who did you use? How do you lnow that the software upgrade is reliable?



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I read you're quite desperate ;D

Yea, I remapped my TS:

205 HP,

195 Nm

killin' all standard t-sports by 2 lengths.

All done thru ODBII socket, levels within toyota tolerances, so invisible to diagnostic tools, and poland is the only place in the world where they do it (never herad of a tuner who does it any other country).

Acha, and it costs: 135 euros !!!!

I love this country!

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That’s great (for you)

But now I am even more desperate, because I want it badly. Where I live in South Africa (Johannesburg) it’s about 1800m above sea level and naturally aspirated cars lose 18% power!!

Imek so unless I send my car to Poland you recon I will have to continue been upstaged by vw/audi turbo's. If you have any other info or possible contacts that could help, let me know.

Sad Brad!!!


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Somebody said somewhere on Corolla forum that saw somebody flashing 2zz-ge ECU in Britain...

I just remembered, that the guy who did this re-map for me said he bought the map in Germany...

So, maybe if you look hard you gonna get it somehow...

The key is ODBII cable, laptop, proper re-flash software and a map.

Maybe you could send your ECU to those guys. Will ask them for ya.

Good Luck.


This forum registration really is crap. :(

Doesn't recognize me, although i accept cookies, and password recovery does not work.

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Imek have I got some interesting news!

Just after my last post I received an E-mail from Toyota South Africa I will paste exactly what it said:

"""Good Day Brad,

I believe you have had the recent pleasure in purchasing a RSI. We have been instructed by our manufacturing plant to recall all RSI' s purchased from 2003.

Your vehicle falls under this category and therefore I am pleased to inform you that your vehicle is to undergo a performance enhancement by way of ECU replacement.

Please make urgent contact with me in order to secure an appointment for the above repair"""

Quite impressive that they had all my details on the system seen that I bought the car when it was already one year old. ( The Corolla hatch sport in SA is called RunX RSI).

Anyway I could not believe this and called them up. They said that many customers had complained about the performance of the car as apposed to its high KW/bhp reading. Toyota SA then took three customers cars and tested the readings, all three were out of the 'acceptable" range. The issue was then escalated to Toyota Japan and they began work on a new ECU and Air filter box with sensors. Toyota said I could expect a 5% power increase.

This was all very hard for me to swallow so before taking my car in for the upgrade I had my own independent dyno reading taken. When I received the car back I had a reading taken again at the same workshop on the same dyno machine.

To my utmost delight my car can gained 5% power and is now pushing 200 BHP.

I must say that I am very impressed with Toyota for taking on the challenge to satisfy there customers. Best of all it did not cost me a cent, the work is guarenteed by Toyota. I believe a new ECU cost between 600-700 Euros.

I love this country :rolleyes:

Happy Brad

PS: I would be interested top know if Toyota elsewhere in the world are doing the same thing?

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