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Console Illumination Adjustment


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Sorry for disrupting the forum, but it is so annoying, when during daytime I have the headlights on, it is nearly impossible to read the console. I was'nt able to find any adjustment knob of the console illummination. It's a relatively basic new Corolla model, so mabe there is no adjustment?

I know other toyotas had the problem, so maybe there is a way to get rid of the problem.

The care,


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I have got a T sport,

On my car, as you go through the different odometer options, using the button that you use to reset it, you come to an array of dashes (probably one in your case!)

Hold the reset button down when you are on the dashes until they flash, then press it a couple of times, until it gets brighter.

Apologies for the poor explanation, but I hope it makes some sense. (had a couple of lunchtime christmas drinks)

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